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Protect your Business and Customers

Safeguard your business and customers from QR code attacks with QRLA. Ensure peace of mind and protect yourself from financial losses, operational disruption, and reputation damage.

Multi-Layered Security Algorithm

Benefit from our cutting-edge, multi-layered security algorithm designed to ensure your QR codes are of the highest security standard. Receive the QRLA Stamp of Approval to show your QR codes are secure.

Constant QR Code Security Monitoring

Experience continuous QR code security monitoring that protects against redirection and spoofing attacks. Maintain your brand’s integrity and trust with ongoing vigilance and real-time threat response.

QR Code Performance Tracker

See how well your QR codes are performing with QRLA’s valuable QR insights and data.

Scanning activity

Gain insights into scanning activity with detailed reports on the number of QR code scans, helping you measure engagement and effectiveness.

location tracking

Understand where your QR codes are being scanned with precise location data, enabling targeted marketing and regional performance analysis.

Device insights

Discover which devices are used to scan your QR codes, offering a deeper understanding of user preferences and technological trends.

Browser usage data

Analyse browser-specific scan data to optimise your QR code interactions for the most commonly used browsers among your audience.

Every qr code is

QRLA Secured

QR CODE Security Checks

Each QR code undergoes rigorous security assessments to ensure it is safe and secure to a high standard.

ongoing Security monitoring

Benefit from real-time monitoring to detect and respond to any potential threats, keeping your QR codes secure at all times.

QRLA Verification

Our QR codes feature the QRLA Stamp of Approval, providing instant visual verification of their authenticity and boosting customer trust.

Brand monitoring

Protect your brand’s integrity with ongoing surveillance to detect and prevent any unauthorised use of your QR codes.

Why do I need a secure QR code generator?

QR code scams and attacks are rapidly on the rise. Protect your business and customers with QRLA secure QR codes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate a QR code?

Generating a QR code with QRLA is simple. Sign up for an account on our platform, then log in with your details, input the relevant QR code destination information, and click ‘Generate’. Our system will create a secure QR code for your use.

What is a dynamic QR code?

A dynamic QR code is a flexible code that allows you to change the destination URL or content even after the code has been printed or deployed. This provides versatility and adaptability for your campaigns or information sharing.

How can I customise my QR code?

QRLA allows you to customise your QR codes with different colours, patterns, and incorporating your brand logo. Our platform provides various customisation options to match your branding needs.

Are QR codes dangerous?

QR codes themselves are not inherently dangerous, but they can be used maliciously if not properly secured. QRLA ensures that all generated QR codes undergo thorough security checks to protect against threats.

What kind of businesses can benefit from QRLA’s services?

Any business that uses QR codes can benefit from QRLA’s services. This includes retail, hospitality, marketing, event management, and more.

How many QR codes can I generate?

There is no limit to the number of QR codes you can generate with QRLA. Whether you need one or thousands, our platform can accommodate your requirements.

Can I track the usage of my QR codes?

Yes, QRLA provides detailed analytics for all your QR codes. You can track scanning activity, including the number of scans, location, devices used, and the time of each scan.

Can I see who has used my QR code?

While QRLA does not collect personal data on individual users for privacy reasons, you can track aggregated data such as location, device type, and the number of scans to gain insights into your audience.

Can QR codes be hijacked?

Yes, QR codes can be hijacked if they are not properly secured. This is why QRLA offers continuous security monitoring and our QRLA Verification to ensure your QR codes remain safe and trustworthy.

How does QRLA verify the security of a QR code?

QRLA uses advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring to verify the security of QR codes. Each QR code generated undergoes thorough security checks and receives the QRLA Stamp of Approval.

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